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What is Candefero?

Candefero is an exclusive online community for the IT channel.

It provides its members with high-quality market intelligence and trends analysis – free of charge. Our goal is to give you the insight to plan the future of your business. Candefero is also a forum for channel players to come together to discuss the burning issues affecting their businesses. Share knowledge by posting comments and responding to polls and surveys. Only people employed by authorized channel partners can join Candefero.

How does it work?

We give you points when you join Candefero, and more for providing detail about your business and role. Each report, market database or forecast on Candefero can be “bought” using these points. You can easily earn more points by taking part in quick polls, online surveys and expert interviews, and by posting comments.

What can I get from the site?

The Candefero site is constantly updated with short, analytical reports, market data and product forecasts covering areas such as: Vendors’ channel strategies, IT infrastructure, Emerging technologies and Mobility.

As with all communities, active participation will help shape the future. You can do this via:

Vendor Benchmark – rate how well your vendors are supporting your business
Distributor Benchmark – rate your distributor partners too
Quick Polls – give rapid opinions and compare how other users respond
Surveys – a few more questions than quick polls; again, see how others responded
Channel Chatter – share your opinions and discuss channel issues with others
Comments – add your remarks to share knowledge and best practice

Use the Candefero site to send strong messages to the leading vendors about what they are doing right, or wrong, for your business. Interact with Canalys analysts to help us analyze the state of the market and channels.

What do vendors see?

Vendors have access to Canalys’ industry analyst site, which is linked, live, to Candefero. We take selected information from Candefero, such as the Vendor Benchmark and the Heartbeat, and display it on canalys.com as well. Vendors can review the comments and data and post responses. Whenever a vendor response shows on Candefero, it is marked as being from a vendor rather than a channel partner.



What our members say

"I appreciate Canalys' outstanding work during the year. It helps me improve my business." - Channel Partner, Direct Software Solutions Limited, United Kingdom
"This platform is a big step forward for the channels community - a very well-designed site, I really like it!" - Distributor, Argentina
"This website is perfect for us! Well done!" - Channel Partner, Office IT-Partner, Sweden
"This website is well-designed, informative and without advertisements. Thumbs up for a good job done!" - Channel Partner, Waslet IT, Brussels
"Candefero as a whole offers some great insights into channel happenings and is very useful. Easy to use & has a lot of good info on it - well done!" - Channel Partner, Bechtle, Germany
"At the moment, Canalys seems to be the only company adding value to the channel. The Candefero community is really important to us all." - Channel Partner, Elmec, Italy
"The information and research provided on the web site is extremely valuable and providing a broad overview on the whole IT field. Great job." - Channel Partner, Qatar Datamation Systems, Qatar
"Candefero is a Mecca for data hunter-gatherers." - Distributor, United States
"I have discovered very interesting and useful information from your reports. A great asset to our business strategy planning!" - Distributor, Singapore


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