NEW Candefero Influencer Program – with revamped research portal

What is Candefero ?

Candefero is a gateway for the IT channel. It provides access to a wealth of resources, insights and opportunities, all at no cost. It gives the IT channel unparalleled access to a vault of cutting-edge research from industry analysts at Canalys

Gain critical market insights and comprehensive data analysis while giving feedback that informs developments and improvements in tech vendor channel strategies. By joining Candefero and participating in its influencer program, channel partners can empower their strategies, inform their decisions and lead the market with the knowledge that sets industry benchmarks!

It’s not just information – it’s the foresight to transform your business and lead the technology conversation. And all for free!

Step into the inner circle of IT channel intelligence now by simply joining the Candefero influencer program.

Who can join?

IT channel partners

How ever you define yourself as part of the channel – you’re included!

Complimentary access

Technology Vendors

Many of the world’s largest and most pre-eminent tech companies subscribe to Canalys services. We operate on an unlimited-seat basis. Talk to us about subscriptions now.

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The top five reasons channel partners should join Candefero

  1. #1 Exclusive access Unlock the latest market data and trends in IT and telecommunications.
  2. #2 Canalys insights Gain expert analysis from a leading channel research firm.
  3. #3 Peer benchmarking Compare your strategies and opinions with those of your peers.
  4. #4 Influence vendors Directly affect vendor channel strategies with your feedback.
  5. #5 Free membership Enjoy all the benefits and insights at no cost, exclusively for authorized channel partners.

Join the Candefero Influencer Program

Elevate your industry impact with the Candefero Influencer Program, designed to acknowledge and reward your active role in shaping our market research. As a participant, you’re not just a contributor – you’re a celebrated thought leader. Join the Candefero Influencer Program today and shape the IT channel of tomorrow.

Benefits at a glance

Bronze (entry level)

Join with a verified company email and gain immediate access to the Candefero platform, research content and opportunities to win prizes.

Silver Tier

Complete your profile, earn 1,000 points annually and unlock Canalys premium insights and additional rewards.

Gold Tier

Surpass Silver with 5,000 points each year, feature your profile picture and enjoy privileges such as the Canalys Forums gold pass, exclusive webinars and a place on the Canalys influencer board.

How does it work?

As a valued member of the Candefero community hub, you have the unique opportunity to earn points by engaging in various activities. Points are awarded for completing surveys, contributing to industry discussions and providing feedback on market research. Each interaction not only enriches your professional insights but also accumulates points that can be used to access exclusive content, special reports and invitations to premium events. This system is designed to recognize and reward your contributions, ensuring that the more you engage, the more you gain. It’s our way of saying thank you for driving forward the conversation in the technology channel.

How can my business benefit?

Unlock a world of knowledge: The Candefero platform is your go-to source for the latest Canalys analysis. We offer a rich selection of content, including in-depth analytical reports, insightful blogs and comprehensive market data. Our resources span critical areas, such as cybersecurity, cloud computing, PCs and infrastructure – ensuring you stay ahead of industry trends.

Your voice matters: We believe in the power of feedback. Your experiences and insights are instrumental in shaping industry standards and practices. Here’s how you can make your voice heard:

  1. Vendor benchmark Provide feedback on vendors’ performance, helping them understand how they can better support your business.
  2. Quick polls Share your opinion in a moment and see how your views stack up against those of your peers.
  3. Surveys Dive deeper with questions that probe further than our quick polls, offering you a chance to contribute to our collective understanding of the industry.
  4. Collaborate with experts Your interaction doesn’t stop at feedback. Engage directly with Canalys analysts, who regularly post to the Candefero news feed, to contribute to a nuanced analysis of the market and channels. Your input helps us and the entire community understand the evolving IT and telecommunications landscape.

Together, we’re not just observing the industry – we’re influencing its direction. Join us the Candefero Influencer Program and transform insights into action.

Visibility for vendors: insights and interactions

Direct insight from the source: Canalys gives vendors access to a wealth of information through its industry-leading analyst services, which maintain a live connection with the Candefero community. This seamless integration means vendors receive up-to-the-minute insights.

A two-way street of feedback: Key contributions from Candefero, including the Vendor Benchmark and the Heartbeat, are prominently featured on the Canalys website. This not only amplifies the voice of our channel partners but also enables vendors to gauge their performance via channel partner feedback.